I heard from my editor at Legacy Kids Press that my two books, Tiny Treasures: Pet Shop and The Christian Girls Guide to Grace (about etiquette) will be out soon! In fact, one is to be out  late this Fall! And the other one maybe early spring. So this weekend I pondered about whom I would dedicate my books to. Such a big decision in few words!

I pulled up a discussion thread about dedications on Verla Kay’s Blue Boards, which was helpful. I even found a tiny article on ehow.com. And I also studied samples of other books in this series. It’s hard to choose whom to thank or whom to dedicate without overstepping someone.

So in 55 words I accomplished the dedication and acknowledgements. I used the subject matter to guide my decisions. But in each, I also gave thanks to God. Without Him, I wouldn’t have two books coming out.

If you’ve written book dedications and acknowledgements, how did you go about it? What did you consider?