One of the easiest ways to get published is to write about what you know. Seems like a no brainer, right? Since I was an elementary teacher before my writing career began, I naturally turned to educational writing for a quick way to be published as well as to start earning writing credits. One of the fruits of my labor arrived last Friday. I contributed 3 lesson plans to Gryphon House’s Another Encyclopedia of Theme Activities for Young Children. This is an early childhood publisher that occasionally requests specific submissions for upcoming projects. It’s a wonderful feeling to see your name in published print!

If you’re like me and still waiting on a picture book to be accepted and published, start other writing projects on the side that allow you to be published quickly and build your writing resume. Think about your hobbies or career. I’ve discovered there are magazines on just about every topic. If you’re craft savvy or like traveling, there’s a host of writing venues available.

Below are some publishers to check:

Writer’s Weekly You can subscribe to this newsletter, and they list hobby markets.

Family Fun Magazine Guidelines– Articles for crafts, recipes, decorating, celebrations, travel

Ev Christensen’s Educational Writing Market Guide– My friend has a wonderful list of educational publishers. This is how I found Gryphon House.

Writing for Children’s Magazines– My friend Ev also has a wonderful list of children’s magazines if you want to check these publishers. She also has a bi-monthly ezine on writing for children’s magazines.