This week sure is busy! Virtually, you’ll find me at Laura Sassi’s writing blog “Laura Sassi Tales.” I share how I land a book contract before I write the book.

Physically, you’ll find me packing and unpacking as our family moves to a different apartment in our city in Korea. We’re moving from the 18th floor to the 21st floor of another apartment complex. And Koreans have invented handy moving machines for these high-rise apartments!

Emotionally, you’ll find me racking my brain for a new picture book idea. This month I’m participating in Tara Lazar’s PiBoIdMo, which is Picture Book Idea Month. I wrote about it in the previous post. Ideas don’t come easily to me. So far I have one for each day of this month. I just pay more attention to my children’s conversations.

So head on over and check Laura’s blog. She has lots of other wonderful writing advice!