GodisgoodThanks to all of you who stopped by my blog last week to read about my new coloring book, “God Is So Good.” I’m really grateful that my post even inspired some to try this route in getting published!

My son helped by choosing a name out of the bag. And the winner is…. (imagine a drum roll)


Congratulations, Sarah! And I’ll be getting in touch with you.

image001Last week my writer friend Barbara Bockman awarded my blog the Sunshine Award. Thanks so much, Barbara!

“I am now extending this honor of the Sunshine Award to 3 more Bloggers.” 

This prize is given to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”  As an award winner, here are some suggestions to follow for this Award.

1.  Thank the person who gave this award in the beginning part of a post about it.
2.  Answer the questions below about your favorite things.
3.  Pass the award on to fabulous bloggers who bring sunshine into your life, link their blogs, and let them know you have awarded them in your post

These are some of my favorite things:
Favorite Color –pink
Favorite Animal –hamster
Favorite Number –9
Favorite Drink – Dr. Pepper
Facebook or Twitter – Facebook
Your Passions –Writing/Reading/Learning about God
Giving or getting presents – Both
Favorite Day –Saturday (My son calls it a Nothing Day)
Favorite Flowers –pink roses

The  blogs I have awarded are listed below. A huge hug and thank you to each of  these bloggers for inspiring me with their knowledge, humor, and creativity:

Story Patch Blog by Carrie Finison, my writing friend

Kathy Ellen Writes by Kathy Ellen Davis, another writing peep

Design of the Picture Book by Carter Higgins, who teaches fabulous design principles