sample title pageWelcome to my writing world update!

I”ll save the good news for last. I’m working for a freelance project through March that keeps me writing 6-8 hours after homeschooling my children. I feel like I forget to breathe. Let’s just say my brain hasn’t had this much workout for a long time!

I had a ton of fun proofing my upcoming craft/devotion book called My Mini Pet Shop with Legacy Press Kids. The editor emailed me the final copy in book format with illustrations. I had a checklist of items to look for.

The good news…a new book contract! I have until June to write another book for Legacy Press Kids about going green. This was an in-house idea which they asked me to write a proposal for. After revisions, they sent me a contract.

This past weekend I’ve had more time to breathe and catch up on revising and starting a new picture book manuscript. I don’t know about you, but I need to get in picture book gear and mindset by immersing myself in picture books. Being overseas, I don’t have my library to run to, but I found a great web site that features free children’s books to read. Have you heard of We Give Books? For every book you read, they donate money for world literacy. I hope you check them out. I think I’ve mentioned them before. They add new books from time to time. And if you know of others, please let me know.

And last I want to leave you with something to think about. My 7-year-old son is into Lego Ninjago toys and the cartoon, and Back Camerasometimes I just don’t like them. They seem so evil. Why do boys like these kinds of toys? And then I read a quote from Roald Dahl about the antagonist:

All good books have to have a mixture of extremely nasty people—which are always fun—and some nice people. In every book or story there has to be somebody you can loathe. The fouler and more filthy a person is, the more fun it is to watch him getting scrunched. –Roald Dahl, taken from the back matter of Matilda

So as I plan a new story, I’ll keep this matter in mind. Maybe the evil antagonist makes the good guy more heroic and lovable. And maybe my 7-year-old son knows more about stories than I do. Yesterday he bought a new notebook and said he wants to write stories like Mom. 🙂