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back_to_school_3It’s back to school time! As soon as my “seems-to-be-lost” box arrives from Iowa full of curriculum, we’ll begin our homeschool. But not only are my kids back to school, I am, too!

In July I won 4th place in author Susanna Leonard Hill’s 4th of July writing contest, which got me a free ticket into her online picture book class called, Susanna Leonard Hill’s Picture Book Magic! So I’m currently in the middle of Susanna’s class and revamping one of my stories. Before I won this great opportunity, I had signed up for Dr. Mira Reisburg’s Picture Book Academy, The Craft and Business of Writing Children’s Picture Books. That class starts Aug. 26th. So both my children and I will have homework for the next couple of months!

If you want to go back to school and shape up some of your stories and learn new techniques, consider these opportunities!

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