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As an educational writer, former teacher, and current homeschool mom, I’m always on the lookout for great educational products for my kids. Recently, I’ve been curious about educational apps, which seems like the popular buzz word in writing circles and with teachers. So I purchased Julie Hedlund’s template for submitting app proposals which came with great info about this new and exciting market.

But the more I got to thinking, I was stumped. I really didn’t know anything about “playing apps.” My kids play app games, but I NEVER get on the iphone unless to Tango or Skype with my family. So how can a writer develop an app story unless he/she experiences many of them?

This led me to do some app research. Just as I read about publishers’ current books and the current market, I also need to know the app market if I want to submit anything. So I spent all of Saturday afternoon reading educational blogs about the best apps for the classroom, watching video clips of apps, and reading an app publisher’s blog. I made a list of what’s out there, and some “holes” or topics that don’t have any apps. Perhaps I can get my brain to think of something brilliant!

What have you discovered about this market? What are your favorite educational apps?

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