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I know it’s supposed to be summer break, and thankfully we completed homeschool last week. We’ll do math “camp” a few days a week through June. While I’m reading of so many writing friends enjoying vacations and conferences, I’m stuck in my chair writing. Yep, I’m now on my 3rd educational project in a ROW. And while I enjoy keeping on top of things in education, writing to tight deadlines keeps me busy. But just as the verse in the Bible says, what you sow, you reap, I do love reaping the crop of books! Let me share some with you…

This month in June’s Clubhouse Jr, I have a rebus story. I haven’t received mine yet, but when I do, I’ll let you know more details. They even kept my children’s names in my story. A year ago, my kids bought insect nets and tried to catch the million dragonflies that zoom around here in late summer. So I wrote a rebus, and it sold right away! So while you’re out and about this summer, keep your notebook handy and look for story lines!

English as a Foreign Language for Korean Middle Schools

English as a Foreign Language for Korean Middle Schools

Another unique opportunity that ANY of you could do is freelance write or edit for ESL/ELL books, not only in the U.S. but overseas. In Asia, especially in Korea, English is BIG. To get ahead of the other million kids, children attend English academies after school. Some young children go overseas for 3-5 months to learn English. These ESL/ELL companies need native speakers and writers. Anyway, an editor at my church in Seoul who works for a Korean/English publisher found out I write. She told her boss about me, and last year I helped write and edit middle school English books for them. These are textbooks “foreign language” English teachers in Korean middle schools will use. Trying to write English grammar and seeing how Koreans learn it was an eye opener for me. This company’s three middle school books are finished. (see photo) The government approved them, and public schools can adopt them in 3 years. What?! Why the wait? I have no idea why.  I think they adopt books every four years. Now they just contracted me again to help with a supplement grammar book for the same age group. This keeps me on my grammar toes!  So look for these opportunities. I’ve seen some posted previously in educational market ads. They pay well, and it’s a great experience. I even landed my name in the credits. 🙂

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